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….through lessons learned and webinars by others in the community. The monthly webinar series is hosted by eCDS KB on behalf of eMERGE consortium and IGNITE network.Do you have a CDS tool or implementation that you would like to share? Might other sites benefit from your experience and lessons learned?If so, eCDS KB wants to help you introduce these tools to other sites for potential adoption.This webinar series will highlight CDS implementations, their features and benefits, and how it or its lessons learned can be transported and implemented at another site. Contact:

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Date Presenter(s) Title
05/03/2018 Meghan Arwood and Eric Dietrich Integrating Clinical Pharmacogenetics Into Primary Care: Initial Experiences from the University of Florida
04/05/2018 Cancelled
03/15/2018 Nita A. Limdi Integrating genomics to guide clinical care: Laying the foundational processes through implementation of genotype-guided antiplatelet therapy
02/01/2018 Laura B. Ramsey Implementation of Neuropsychiatric Pharmacogenetics at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center: 13 years of successful personalized medicine
01/04/2018 Andrea H. Ramirez The All of Us Research Program Researcher Portal: Innovative access to Unprecedented Data
09/07/2017 Darren Ames and Maria Simbirsky Integrating sequencing and clinical informatics with DNAnexus
08/03/2017 Lori Orlando Systematic Risk Assessment and Clinical Decision Support with a Patient-Facing FHIR-enabled web service
06/01/2017 Michael Murray ROR for Research Exomes
05/04/2017 May Webinar Cancelled
04/06/2017 Nicholas J. Keeling Preemptive Pharmacogenetic Testing: Exploring the Knowledge and Perspectives of United States Payers
03/02/2017 Sara Van Driest Red Light, Green Light! Precision Pediatrics and the Electronic Health Record
02/16/2017 Luke Rasmussen DocUBuild: Enhancing the process of authoring and sharing genomic medicine resources
01/05/2017 James M. Hoffman The Clinical Pharmacogenetics Implementation Consortium (CPIC): enabling the adoption of pharmacogenetics into the EHR
12/01/2016 Larry Babb GeneInsight’s role in eMERGE III: enabling EMR integration
11/03/2016 Casey Overby and Josh Peterson Challenges to Clinical Informatics posed by Precision Medicine
10/06/2016 October Webinar Cancelled
09/01/2016 Guilherme Del Fiol OpenInfoButton and EMR integration
08/04/2016 Heidi Rehm Deciphering the Genome: Community Driven Efforts
07/07/2016 John David Larkin Nolen The DIGITiZE Action Collaborative Update
06/02/2016 Scott Narus The HSPC Open Services Platform for CDS Innovation
05/05/2016 Ricky Bloomfield Innovation Around the EHR
04/21/2016 Bob Freimuth A Repository for Structured Knowledge Artifacts Based on Pharmacogenomic Clinical Guidelines: Complementing the CDS-KB
03/03/2016 Mia Levy Clinical Decision Support
02/04/2016 Gillian Bell PGx CDS
01/07/2016 Aronson DIGTizE AC
12/03/2015 Strock/Moss EPIC Genomic Implementation
11/05/2015 Alterovitz/Kreda SMART Project
10/01/2015 Overby Toward effective knowledge delivery