Last Updated 2016

Title: DocUBuild: Enhancing the process of authoring and sharing genomic medicine resources

Speaker: Luke Rasmussen, Sr. Data Architect, Northwestern University

With an increase in the number of genomic medicine programs, both providers and patients can benefit from ready access to informational resources to support comprehension of results.  While many resources exist, often institution-specific needs require the authoring of additional content.  Access to the content is enhanced by the use of infobuttons (context-aware links embedded in EHRs and patient portals), which allow the most relevant content to be accessible from a single click.

This talk will present DocUBuild, a system developed as part of the NHGRI-funded electronic Medical Records and Genomics (eMERGE) network.  DocUBuild provides infrastructure to support a) authoring content that is compliant with the HL7 infobutton standard, b) discovery and sharing of content authored by other institutions, and c) disseminating content in a way that meets individual institutions needs.  We will see how a system like DocUBuild may be used in different content authoring workflows, and how authoring content in line with the infobutton standard may enhance decision support for genomic medicine.

Presentation Slides: IGNITE-DocUBuild-20170216

Webinar Recording