Last Updated 2016

Topic: Systematic Risk Assessment and Clinical Decision Support with a Patient-Facing FHIR-enabled web service

Speaker: Lori A. Orlando, MD, MHS, Director of Precision Medicine Program, Center for Applied Genomics and Precision Medicine, Duke University

Initiating widespread systematic risk assessment for disease prevention and risk management in primary care is one key to promoting population health; however, there are a significant number of barriers to implementation. One is that family health history is a critical data element that is hard to capture and use effectively. The other is the complexity of risk assessment guidelines. To facilitate systematic risk assessment in primary care, we developed and tested a web-service that positioned patients as the drivers of the risk assessment process – including family health history data collection- and integrated clinical decision support for patients and providers to enhance shared decision making around risk management and disease prevention. This talk will describe our approach, the SMART-FHIR components, and some of the outcomes we’ve achieved to date.

Presentation Slides: CIIG MeTree and FHIR_LAO

Webinar Recording: