Last Updated 2016

Topic: Return of Results (ROR) for Research Exomes

Speaker: Michael F. Murray, MD, Director of Clinical Genomics, Genomic Medicine Institute, Geisinger Health System

At Geisinger Dr. Mike Murray is leading the GenomeFIRST return of results program for the over 140,000 patient participants who undergo Genomic Sequencing as part of the MyCode Community Health Initiative.   This project builds on the collaboration between Geisinger and Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, but is funded outside of that research collaboration through internal Geisinger support, external grants, and generous donations.

The GenomeFIRST return of results program expects to deliver important risk information based on genetic sequence back to between 2-4% of MyCode participants in its initial phase.  These risks primarily fall into the categories of either risk for cancer or cardiovascular disease.  Geisinger is one of the first institutions in the world to build the necessary infrastructure at the scale needed to deliver this kind of genomic results to this many patients and their providers, and to then assist the patients in getting their at-risk family members tested too.  This program is expected to help define a best practice model for doing this new 21st century approach to care within healthcare systems everywhere.


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