Last Updated 2016


Topic: Challenges to Clinical Informatics posed by Precision Medicine

Speakers: Casey Overby (Assistant Professor, Johns Hopkins University) and Josh Peterson (Associate Professor, Vanderbilt University Medical Center)

Clinical decision support (CDS) acts as a bridge to overcoming the barriers to precision medicine, including limited genetic proficiency of clinicians and limited availability of genetics experts. However, CDS is not very widespread in current hospital systems. Many of the barriers to clinical decision support result from organizational boundaries between institutions, such different EHR and thus different CDS systems. Different clinical settings utilize variable workflows of healthcare delivery process, and a variety of data sources for CDS. Further, the variety of mechanisms for CDS is contingent on vendor specified capabilities. It is crucial to develop CDS interfaces that are capable of transmitting different types of data from many different vendors. Current CDS capabilities should be characterized, and in the future, data and informatics sources for CDS should utilize standardized terminology and data exchange standards.

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