Topic: OpenInfobutton and EMR integration

Speaker: Guilherme Del Fiol, Assistant Professor, University of Utah

A full description of OpenInfobutton can be found at An excerpt is provided below.

OpenInfobutton is an open source suite of Web services that enable infobutton capabilities within Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems. Infobuttons are context-sensitive links embedded in EHR systems. They use contextual information about the patient, user, clinical setting, and EHR task to anticipate clinicians’ information needs and provide links to online clinical resources that may meet these information needs.

Presentation slidesIGNITE Infobuttons – DelFiol – Sep 2016

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Topic: Deciphering the Genome: Community Driven Approaches

Speaker: Heidi L. Rehm, Associate Professor, Brigham & Women’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School

With the plummeting cost of sequencing, genetic data is becoming increasingly available for use in the diagnosis, treatment and prediction of disease. To ensure successful use of genomics in medicine will require the community to come together to share data and contribute to the collective curation of that data for clinical and research use. This talk will focus on national and international efforts to develop improved standards and resources to support genomic medicine.

Presentation Slides: Rehm.IGNITE.2016

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Topic: The HSPC Open Services Platform for CDS Innovation

Speaker: Scott P. Narus, Medical Informatics Director, Intermountain Healthcare  

The Healthcare Services Platform Consortium (HSPC) is a provider-driven organization of leading healthcare organizations, IT vendors, systems integrators, and venture firms dedicated to unlocking the power of entrepreneurial innovation to improve healthcare outcomes. Through HSPC’s open marketplace and services platform, we seek to foster a new level of provider-vendor collaboration and innovation to meet one of the industries’ greatest needs — accelerating the creation, sharing and delivery of promising software applications at the point of care. Achieving the gold standard of true semantic interoperability, we seek to dramatically augment today’s standards efforts by providing a ground-breaking collaborative platform and real world laboratory to advance the interoperability of healthcare applications. Our goal is to create an open marketplace featuring the industry’s first vendor-neutral Healthcare App Store and to foster a vibrant entrepreneurial community to deliver the best solutions quickly, easily and seamlessly to improve the quality of today’s accountable care. We will discuss HSPC’s efforts to implement a collaborative environment for interoperable healthcare application development. We will demonstrate some of the features of the development/collaboration environment.

Presentation Slides: Narus.HSPC_.06.02.2016.pdf

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Topic: Innovation Around the EHR

Speaker: Ricky Bloomfield, Director of Mobile Technology Strategy, Duke University

Presentation Slides: Bloomfield.EHR-Innovation.05.05.2016.pdf

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Topic: PGRN PGx Guidelines Repository

Speaker: Bob Freimuth, Assistant Professor, Mayo Clinic

Presentation Slides: Freimuth.-PGx-Guideline-Repository.-04.21.2016.pdf

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Topic: Implementation of Personalized Medicine at Moffitt Cancer Center

Speaker: Gillian Bell and James Hicks (Moffitt Cancer Center)

Presentation Slides: IGNITE Moffitt presentation

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